This video discusses the creation and usage of Core Data Services (CDS) view entities with joins and literals in SAP HANA. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a CDS view entity and how to use it in an ABAP program.

After watching this video, you will learn:

  • The basic syntax for creating a CDS view entity with a join. The presenter demonstrates how to create a CDS view entity that joins data from two different tables (VBAK and VBAP) using an inner join.
  • How to use literals in the field list of a CDS view entity. The presenter shows how to include numerical and character literals in the field list and explains that an alias name is mandatory when using literals.
  • How to call a CDS view entity in an ABAP program. The presenter creates an ABAP program that selects data from the created CDS view entity and displays the data using the CL_DEMO_OUTPUT class.
  • The limitations of using the SELECT ALL statement in a CDS view entity. The presenter explains that the SELECT ALL statement is not supported in CDS view entities, but it is supported in DDIC-based CDS views.
  • The difference between the field list and the name list in a CDS view. The presenter clarifies that the field list is defined inside the curly brackets, while the name list is defined after the alias name of the data source.

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