This video, titled “Association in Select Query (SQL) CDS Part 13 ABAP on HANA Course” by SAP TECHNOMANIAC, delves into the concept of path expressions in Open SQL statements and the default filter option in CDS view entities.

Key points covered in the video include:

  • Path Expressions in Open SQL Statements: The video explains how to access associations in Open SQL statements. It emphasizes that when using associations in path expressions, an alias name must be provided. The video demonstrates how to access fields from an association using the alias name and how to form inner joins by accessing the association directly after the “from” clause in the SQL statement.
  • Changing Cardinality: The video shows how to change the cardinality of a CDS view. By default, when accessing fields in a selection list, a left outer join is formed. However, the cardinality can be changed to form a left outer join many-to-one or a left outer join one-to-one. The video demonstrates this with practical examples.
  • Filter Conditions: The video explains how to apply filter conditions to an association. It shows how to display data based on a filter condition and how to form an inner join based on this condition. The video also explains that the “inner” keyword can be used to convert a left outer join to an inner join.
  • Default Filter Option: The video introduces the default filter option in CDS view entities. This option is used when no filter condition is provided when accessing a CDS view entity. The default filter condition specified in the association will be used.

The video is part of a series on ABAP on HANA and is intended for those with a basic understanding of SQL and CDS views. It provides practical examples and demonstrations to help viewers understand the concepts discussed.

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