This video is an in-depth comparison of ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) and Open SQL in the context of SAP HANA and ABAP programming.

Key takeaways from the video include:

  1. When to Use Open SQL: Open SQL should be the go-to choice for day-to-day ABAP programming. It can handle most tasks, including fetching data from multiple tables and writing enhancements. Open SQL is also necessary for dynamic programming, where table or field names are passed dynamically, and for operations that modify the database, such as updates and deletes.
  2. When to Use ABAP CDS: ABAP CDS is beneficial when there’s a need for reusability, access control on select, and creation of OData services through annotations. It also allows for the use of HANA-specific capabilities and provides modification-free extensibility. ABAP CDS is particularly useful when a data model needs to be created that can be consumed across different technologies.
  3. Performance Considerations: The video suggests that Open SQL may sometimes perform better than ABAP CDS for the same operations. However, this can depend on the specific use case and the way the code is written.
  4. Understanding the Role of Both: ABAP CDS and Open SQL are not competitors; they complement each other. Each has its own strengths and use cases, and understanding when to use each can lead to more efficient and effective programming.

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