The video is a tutorial on how to use Core Data Services (CDS) Access Control in SAP. After watching the video, you will learn:

  • The concept of CDS Access Control in SAP and its importance in restricting access to certain data for specific users.
  • How country-specific data can be protected from being accessed by users from other countries using CDS Access Control.
  • The process of writing access control using the “Define Role” statement in the Data Control Language (DCL) source code editor.
  • The different types of access rules and conditions that can be defined within a role to either restrict or grant access to data.
  • The use of the “Access Control Authorization Check” annotation in CDS views and its possible values: “check” (default), “not required”, and “not allowed”.
  • A practical demonstration of creating an access control for a CDS view in the SAP system, including defining a role, setting access rules, and applying conditions.
  • How to disable access control by setting the “Access Control Authorization Check” annotation to “not allowed”, using the “WITH PRIVILEGED ACCESS” clause in the SELECT statement, or by creating a full access rule.
  • A summary of the key points discussed and a promise of more advanced topics in future videos.

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