This video discusses the basics of Core Data Services (CDS) in SAP HANA, specifically focusing on DDIC-based CDS creation in ADT (ABAP Development Tools). It provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a basic CDS view.

After watching this video, you will learn:

  • The three parts of a CDS: the Data Definition Language (DDL) source, the SQL view, and the CDS entity. The DDL source is created in either Eclipse or HANA Studio and contains the SQL view and the CDS entity. Upon activation of the DDL source, an SQL view and a CDS entity are created in the database.
  • How to create a DDL source in Eclipse by defining a new repository object. The presenter demonstrates this by creating a DDL source named “Z_DDLS_SAMPLE_01”.
  • The structure of a basic CDS view. The presenter shows how to define a view, select fields from a table (in this case, the VBAK table), and assign a key to the view. The presenter also explains how to define the SQL view name using an annotation (@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName).
  • The importance of the SQL view name, which appears in SE11 (Data Dictionary) and is mandatory when creating a CDS view. The presenter demonstrates how to check the SQL view in SE11.
  • The limitations of renaming a CDS view or SQL view name. Once activated, these names cannot be renamed. If you need to rename them, you must delete and recreate the DDL source.
  • How to display the output of a CDS view by clicking F8 in Eclipse. The presenter shows the output of the created CDS view, which includes the sales order number and the customer number from the VBAK table.
  • How to use the “name list” to rename the output fields of a CDS view. The presenter demonstrates this by renaming the fields “SO” and “CUST” to “Sales_Order” and “Customer”, respectively.

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