This video is a continuation of a tutorial series on ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) in SAP. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Calling AMDP inside another AMDP: The video discusses how to call one AMDP method inside another. The presenter explains that when an AMDP method is called inside another AMDP method, the importing, exporting, and changing parameters behave differently.
  2. Creating an AMDP Method: The presenter demonstrates how to create an AMDP method that calls another AMDP method. He explains that when a changing parameter is a tabular parameter, it is converted into two parameters: one for importing and one for exporting.
  3. Handling Errors: The presenter shows how to handle errors in AMDP. He explains that if an error occurs, the error message can be viewed by double-clicking on the error and selecting “Problem Description”.
  4. Demonstration: The presenter demonstrates how to call an AMDP method from a program. He shows how to pass parameters to the method and how to display the retrieved data. He also shows how to update data in a database table using an AMDP method.
  5. Important Points: The presenter discusses some important points about calling one AMDP method inside another. He explains that the SQLScript language does not support tabular changing parameters, so these parameters are converted into importing and exporting parameters. He also emphasizes that all importing parameters should be passed together, and all exporting parameters should be passed together.
  6. Handling Select Options: The presenter mentions that the current method of handling select options is not the correct way.

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