This video tutorial is a continuation of a tutorial series on ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) in SAP. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. AMDP Options: The video discusses two options that can be used in the declaration part of an AMDP method: the read-only option and the CDS session client option. The read-only option is used when the AMDP method is only reading data from the database and not modifying it. The CDS session client option is used to specify a client.
  2. ABAP Specific Session Variables in SAP HANA: The presenter explains global variables in SAP HANA, also known as session variables, and how to access them in AMDP methods. These variables include the client, CDS client, application user, language, and date. The presenter demonstrates how to access these variables using the SESSION_CONTEXT function in SQLScript.
  3. Creating an AMDP Method: The presenter demonstrates how to create an AMDP method that retrieves session variables. The method is declared as a static method, which means it can be called directly using the class name.
  4. Calling the AMDP Method: The presenter shows how to call the AMDP method from a report program. The method is called with a specific client value, and the session variables are retrieved and displayed.
  5. CDS Session Client Option: The presenter explains the use of the CDS session client option in AMDP. When this option is used, the client value passed to the AMDP method is set as the CDS client value. This can be useful when the AMDP method needs to operate on data from a different client than the current one.

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