This video tutorial dives into the concept of condition-based maintenance within SAP S/4HANA Plant Maintenance (PM)/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), focusing on the use of measuring points. The tutorial is structured around a practical example involving a high-value asset, referred to as the “Dino device,” to illustrate how measuring points are created, managed, and utilized in SAP to facilitate condition-based maintenance. Here’s a breakdown of the key phases and steps demonstrated in the video:

  1. Introduction to Condition-based Maintenance: The tutorial begins by explaining the need for recording additional information about assets, such as operating hours and temperature, to determine maintenance requirements. This approach is known as condition-based maintenance.
  2. Setting Up Measuring Points: The core of the tutorial is the detailed process of setting up measuring points in SAP for the Dino device. Two main indicators are focused on: operating hours and surface temperature. These indicators help in determining when maintenance is needed.
  3. Creating Measuring Points in SAP: The instructor demonstrates how to create measuring points for both operating hours and temperature in SAP, using the SAP Fiori Launchpad. This involves specifying details such as the measuring point category, the unit of measure, and the characteristic (e.g., Celsius for temperature).
  4. Recording Measurements: The process of recording measurements is shown from the perspective of a technician using a tablet. The tutorial covers how to enter new readings for temperature and operating hours directly into the system via the “Perform Maintenance Jobs” application.
  5. Viewing and Managing Measurement Documents: For maintenance supervisors or planners, the tutorial shows how to view and manage measurement documents using the “Change Measurement Documents” application. This allows for monitoring the recorded measurements and ensuring they are accurately reflected in the system.
  6. Conclusion and Use Cases: The tutorial concludes by discussing how these measurements can be integrated into broader maintenance planning and execution processes. It highlights the potential for automating data capture through sensors and external systems for more efficient condition-based maintenance.

This video serves as a comprehensive guide for SAP users on leveraging measuring points to implement condition-based maintenance, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of asset management practices.

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