This video is a detailed tutorial on how to derive characteristics for Controlling Profitability Analysis (COPA) in SAP S/4HANA. The instructor explains the process of characteristic derivation, which is essential for assigning values to characteristics based on certain conditions or rules. Here’s a summary of the key points covered in the video:

  1. Characteristic Derivation Overview: The video begins with an introduction to characteristic derivation, emphasizing its importance in determining the values of characteristics based on predefined logic, rules, or direct assignment.
  2. Derivation Methods: The instructor outlines five primary methods for characteristic derivation:
    • Derivation Rule: Assigning values to characteristics based on specific conditions.
    • Table Lookup: Deriving characteristic values directly from SAP tables based on related fields.
    • Move: Assigning a direct value or copying from another characteristic.
    • Clear: Clearing the value of a characteristic under certain conditions.
    • Enhancement: Using custom code to derive values when standard methods do not suffice.
  3. Practical Examples: The tutorial provides practical examples for each derivation method, including:
    • Creating a “continent” characteristic based on the “country” characteristic.
    • Using table lookup to derive the “country” characteristic for a “ship to party” from SAP tables.
    • Assigning “domestic” or “foreign” values to transactions based on the country of the transaction.
  4. Testing and Validation: The instructor demonstrates how to test and validate the derivation rules using SAP’s testing tools, ensuring that the derived values are correctly assigned based on the set conditions.
  5. Sequence and Logical Order: The video highlights the importance of maintaining the correct sequence of derivation steps to ensure accurate and logical derivation of characteristic values.
  6. Interactive Guidance: Throughout the video, the instructor provides step-by-step guidance on navigating through SAP’s interface to set up and manage characteristic derivations, including tips on troubleshooting and optimizing performance.

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