In this tutorial, the author dives deep into the topic of Consumption Based Planning (CBP) in SAP, providing a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities and nuances. The session also touches upon some interview questions related to the topic, with a promise to continue the discussion in subsequent sessions.

Key notes from the video session:

  • The author begins by recapping the previous session on MRP, setting the stage for the discussion on CBP.
  • CBP is introduced as one of the MRP procedures, emphasizing its role in ensuring material availability based on consumption patterns.
  • The tutorial highlights the distinction between manual reordering point and automatic reordering point within CBP.
  • The author provides a hands-on demonstration of navigating through SAP, focusing on specific transaction codes and processes related to CBP.
  • The session elaborates on the prerequisites for executing CBP, emphasizing the importance of the forecasting view in the material master.
  • The tutorial provides insights into how CBP works based on historical data, explaining how requirements are generated based on past consumption patterns.
  • The author also touches upon the concept of maximum stock level and how it impacts the generation of requirements in CBP.
  • The session concludes with a brief overview of different MRP types and hints at the discussion of MPS (Master Production Schedule) in upcoming sessions.
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