The tutorial offers a comprehensive exploration of the Operation Level Sub-contracting Process in SAP PP. It emphasizes the nuances of this process, demonstrating how it integrates with other SAP functionalities and the broader production planning landscape.

Key notes covered in the video session:

  • Introduction to the Operation Level Sub-contracting Process in SAP PP.
  • Discussion on the significance of sub-contracting at the operation level.
  • Exploration of how this process integrates with purchase orders and purchase requisitions.
  • Hands-on demonstration in SAP, showcasing relevant transaction codes and processes.
  • Emphasis on understanding the flow of materials and services in the sub-contracting process.
  • Insights into the management of sub-contracting orders and their implications.
  • Exploration of parameters like purchase organization, company code, and component details.
  • Discussion on the role of transaction codes in managing sub-contracting processes.

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