The tutorial dives into the concepts of Basic Dates Scheduling and Lead Time Scheduling within SAP PP. It offers a hands-on approach, demonstrating how these scheduling methods function and their significance in the SAP environment.

Key topics covered in the video session:

  • Introduction to Basic Dates Scheduling in SAP.
  • Discussion on the production planning end-to-end cycle.
  • Exploration of the role of production version in SAP.
  • Breakdown of different types of BOMs in SAP.
  • Insights into how Basic Dates Scheduling works based on parameters like production time and lot size.
  • Introduction to Lead Time Scheduling in SAP.
  • Discussion on the difference between independent lot sizes and dependent lot sizes.
  • Emphasis on understanding the conversion between these scheduling methods.
  • Hands-on demonstration in SAP, showcasing relevant transaction codes and processes.
  • Exploration of parameters like opening period, float before production, and release period.

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