The tutorial dives into the concepts of Capacity Planning and Capacity Leveling within SAP PP, elucidating the intricacies of these processes and their applications in SAP.

Key topics covered in this video session are:

  • Introduction to Capacity Planning in SAP and its significance.
  • Exploration of the dynamic nature of capacity availability checks.
  • Discussion on the role of production version in SAP.
  • Breakdown of different types of BOMs in SAP and their implications.
  • Emphasis on understanding the difference between available capacity and required capacity.
  • Introduction to Capacity Leveling and its functionalities.
  • Hands-on demonstration in SAP, showcasing relevant transaction codes and processes.
  • Insights into capacity evaluation, capacity reduction, and capacity utilization.
  • Exploration of parameters like available capacity, utilization percentage, and remaining capacity.
  • Discussion on the dispatcher and its role in capacity leveling.

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