The tutorial provides an in-depth exploration of the differences between “Make to Stock” and “Make to Order” processes within SAP PP, accompanied by documentation insights.

Key topics covered in the video session are:

  • Recap of prior sessions, setting the stage for the current discussion.
  • Introduction to the “Make to Stock” process in SAP.
  • Discussion on the significance of past data in “Make to Stock” scenarios.
  • Exploration of the “Make to Order” process and its reliance on present data.
  • Hands-on demonstration in SAP, showcasing relevant transaction codes and processes.
  • Emphasis on understanding the flow of materials and services in both processes.
  • Insights into the demand creation transaction “MD61”.
  • Discussion on the role of sales orders in the “Make to Order” process.
  • Exploration of header level configurations and the use of multiple BOMs.

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