In this tutorial, the author delves into the intricacies of Strategy Group 82 in SAP PP, elucidating its functionalities and indicating that the discussion on Strategy Group 30 will continue in subsequent sessions.

The author initiates the session by revisiting the content from the previous tutorial, which focused on Strategy Group 20. The significance of understanding how Strategy Group 82 operates is underscored, with the author explaining that this strategy is essentially an “Assemble to Order” approach.

Key notes from the video session:

  • Strategy Group 82 falls under the “Assemble to Order” category, which is a part of the make-to-order scenario.
  • The tutorial highlights that there’s no need for separate creation under this strategy.
  • The author provides a hands-on demonstration of how to navigate through SAP, emphasizing the use of specific transaction codes and processes.
  • The session touches upon various SAP functionalities, including MRP runs, strategy group configurations, and the creation and conversion of planned orders.
  • Strategy Group 82 automates the creation of production orders once sales orders are generated.
  • The author also discusses different MRP types, such as manual reordering and automatic reordering points, and delves into MRP control parameters.
  • The tutorial concludes with a brief overview of discrete manufacturing and its configuration, touching upon work centers and manufacturing processes.

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