In this tutorial, the author discusses planning strategy 40 in SAP PP, explaining its functionalities and comparing it to planning strategies 10 and 11.

The author begins by reviewing the previous sessions, which covered planning strategies 10 and 11. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining strategy 10 in the material master and the generation of planned orders through MRP runs. The different requirement types, LSF for strategy 10 and BSF for strategy 11, are also explained.

Key notes from the video session:

The author then introduces planning strategy 40, focusing on its role in planning with final assembly. He explains that sales orders in this strategy consume customer orders, leading to the generation of planned orders. Using a hypothetical example, the author demonstrates how sales orders are constructed and how planned orders are generated based on available stock and demand. He walks the viewers through the following steps in SAP:

  • Entering sales orders using transaction code “VA01”.
  • Checking stock adjustments.
  • Observing the demand and planned independent requirements.
  • Utilizing the MD61 transaction to simulate demand.
  • The author emphasizes the importance of understanding the configuration of strategy groups in SAP. He provides a hands-on demonstration of how to configure planning strategy 40, guiding viewers through the necessary steps in the SAP interface. The author also touches upon the configuration of strategy group 40, explaining its role in planning with final assembly. He mentions the transaction code for configuration and demonstrates how to navigate the SAP interface to access and modify the strategy group settings.

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