Introduction: In this tutorial, the author discusses the focus of the session, which is planning strategy level 11 in SAP PP, following their previous class on strategy group 10.

Difference between Strategy 10 and 11: Author explains the disparities between planning strategy 10 and 11:

  • Planning strategy 10 takes into account available stock, whereas strategy level 11 does not.
  • The requirement type for strategy 10 is elusive, while for strategy 11, it is BSF (Bona-fide Specific).

Prerequisites for Planning Strategy Level 11: Author highlights the prerequisites for implementing planning strategy level 11:

  • Maintaining planning strategy 11 in the material master is crucial.
  • Mixed MRP (Material Requirements Planning) must also be maintained for effective implementation.

Working with Planning Strategy Level 11 in SAP:

  • Author provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to maintain the planning strategy level in the material master using transaction code MM02.
  • Under the MRP3 view in the material master, the planning strategy can be configured. In this tutorial, strategy group 11 is selected.
  • The importance of maintaining mixed MRP for gross requirement planning is emphasized, as it is necessary for the strategy to function properly.
  • After saving the material master, Author proceeds to open the MD04 stock and requirement list.
  • He demonstrates how to input demands and checks the stock quantities using this tool.
  • Author walks through various steps in SAP, including generating requisitions, converting them to purchase orders, posting goods receipts, and confirming production orders. These steps highlight the significance of strategy group 11.
  • Finally, Author concludes the tutorial by emphasizing the value of strategy group 11 and presents the final stock quantities in the respective storage locations.

Conclusion: This tutorial provides a practical and hands-on demonstration of working with planning strategy level 11 in SAP. Author explores the differences between strategy 10 and 11, outlines the prerequisites for implementation, and guides viewers through the essential steps. By leveraging strategy group 11, businesses can optimize their production planning processes and ensure accurate tracking of stock requirements.

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