This video tutorial is continuation of Source of Supply in SAP MM (Materials Management). It covers following topics in video:

  • Buyers Negotiation Sheet: This is a document that is used to track the negotiations between a buyer and a vendor. It includes information such as the material, quantity, price, delivery terms, and payment terms.
  • Different Types of Contracts: There are several different types of contracts that can be used in SAP MM. These include blanket agreements, framework agreements, and individual contracts.
  • Central and Plant Specific Contracts: Contracts can be either central or plant specific. Central contracts are used for materials that are used by multiple plants. Plant specific contracts are used for materials that are only used by a single plant.
  • Item Categories in Contracts: Contracts can be divided into different item categories. These categories are used to track the different types of items that are included in the contract.
  • Contract Release Orders: Contract release orders are used to release items from a contract. This is done when the buyer needs to order the material from the vendor.
  • Scheduling Agreements: Scheduling agreements are used to schedule the delivery of materials from a vendor. This is done when the buyer needs to ensure that the material is delivered on time.

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